Royal Supports Next Generation

By Shirley Bredenkamp

The Queen’s daughter Princess Anne will be attending the annual Royal National Agricultural Conference hosted by Brisbane in October 2014.

theresa next gen royal visit As a strong advocate for Next Generation, there is much anticipation for tam next gen royal visitPrincess Anne’s involvement with the youth and the Queensland Show movement.

Previous Rural Ambassador Janine Milne said she is excited that someone of such calibre wants to hear what young people have to say.

Next Generation officials hope Princess Anne will be an inspiration for youth to carry on the show legacy for generations to come.

Next Generation Executive Jessamine Crawford said there is a legacy the older generation has built and it is a tough task to hand that legacy over knowing it will change.

Executive Rowan O’ Hara said there was a lot of backlash when the committee was formed in 2008 because the older generation thought the youth were there to push them out and take over.

Ms Milne said Next Generation do not want to take over the show, but want to partner with the older generation who has now come to realise the value of allowing youth involvement.

She said show societies need to adapt to the current age to prevent the shows from dying out.

“The older generations who are the leaders within the show movement are not getting any younger and it would be a very sad scenario if the shows did not continue,” she said.

Division 9 Councillor Glen Tozer said innovation is important in engaging with the young people and he encourages a proactive approach to social media as this generation connects differently to the way the previous generation did.

“Unless show societies are willing to engage with the younger generation on their terms, ultimately the concept of agricultural shows will become a thing of the past,” he said.

© Shirley Bredenkamp 2013


Conflict of Interest:

Janine Milne is also currently a Next Generation Executive

Reporter Shirley Bredenkamp is the Mudgeeraba Showgirl 2013

Photo’s provided by the Next Generation Committee.

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